Day one The journey begins.

January 1st 2018.

So after eating and drinking way too much over Christmas, the day has come!

I had a terrible nights sleep, as I’ve been battling a sore throat, cough and my asthma. All induced from alcohol and over snacking and maybe not enough rest ha ha.

Babs stayed in bed with her stomach bug while I got dressed and greeted the boy (Jackson our dog). He was ready to go and full of energy, he instantly gives me motivation which I was lacking. Two slices of toast, a glass of coconut water and a black coffee and we’re off for our first run of the year.

Peterborough Parkrun!

The carpark is already filling up with keen and excited runners and walkers too, all looking to start 2018 off with a bang! The air was cool and grass was wet, I walked Jackson, so he could stretch his legs to get him ready.  This is when, I realised, I’d forgotten my running waist lead 😞 nevermind I’d have to hold on tight, as it was too late now. It was 8:52am time to get ready.

The run started, we were about halfway down the pack, I had to run on the muddy/slippy glass to the side, to stop tripping over people. I don’t mind this, as I prefer off road stuff anyway as you’ll see. After a few minutes and passing some familiar faces, new year greetings passed on, I then caught up with Phil.  After suggesting I was cheating 😉 I gave him the lead for a bit, hopefully this changed his mind. Was all in good fun, as this is what the Parkrun is about, it keeps on spreading and getting bigger and better, helping everybody at whatever level of fitness. So get out there, have fun and set goals.

So after we moved through the field a bit, it was time to focus on running, i started thinking about my challenge ahead. I started realising how tough it’s going to be. I felt nervous but very excited about how this year was going to pan out. Then Jackson started limping, we stopped and stepped off the path. I checked his back paws but found nothing. We started again, and again he limped but this time I could see it was his front paw.  This time I found the culprit, it was a small twig with I thorn. Sorted!

So half way, around this 5km run, we were back in our flow.  I was feeling the prosecco, we had, to see the new year in 😞 but at the same time loving that I was sweating it out. We picked up the pace to the finish and finished 28th in 21:22.

We did our usual run finish fuss, then got our finish token and handed it in. Was good to chat to Mike, as we walked back to get my jacket, as haven’t seen him for a while. I paid the parking, gave the a boy drink and finished off my drink then headed home.

I’ll be honest, I felt so much better for running but also was happy not to head off to Rutland water, to do the double, that I’d planned as was still suffering from this cough.

When I got home I read a post on Facebook, from a friend Clive, he’s been sober 7 years today and now runs most days. A massive inspiration to me to watch his progression over this last year. Since i ran with him and Dave (also sober for longer I believe) in the peaks last winter, we all gained a lot more from eachover than just running. Maybe a non drinking Steve is around the corner 🤔

Day 1 of complete 364 to go 😊

3.1 miles total.

Click on the arrow in the main pic to go to day 2.

5 thoughts on “Day one The journey begins.

  1. I did see you ahead of me changing the dog lead with another runner. I tried this challenge two years ago but twice had to take a break through injury before resuming. It took me 17 months to complete it! Part 4 of my challenge however, was not to tell anybody that I was doing it!


    • Thanks for commenting, blimey that seems ages ago when I passed Jackson over to Phil. Glad you finished your challenge, do you still run most days? I’m aware of injuries from over running as this happened to me two years ago. Hopefully I can control this now. Have you got any advice to keep motivated? I decided to keep it public to help me and also aim to try to motivate people to keep fit, or just try harder. Have you read all of my pages? As I’m logging everyday.


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