Day 6 Reiver training.

Up at 6 to eat my porridge mix and have a coffee. Big ride planned today, training for the Dirty Reiver ride. A 200km multi terrain bike race, in the Scottish borders.

Ride over to Dean’s house to meet him and Nick for a 7am start. After Nick finished faffing we set off along the bridleway to Orton Mere, then over Oundle rd to the nice bit of singletrack through the woods, behind Orton hall. Crossed the road again to follow the track to Alwalton, Dean decided he wanted to do the singletrack by the river. Think we all came off at some point on this ha ha, slippery roots! Main road to Elton, then we go off road again to Warmington.

After the village we took the Nene way to Ashton, then main road to the shop. We was early for meeting the Gorillas so we went to get a coffee. This made us late and Dean realised he had a puncher DOH! We left him to meet the others and try to hold them back. They were getting cold and ready to head off, me Nick and Justin went to get Dean and then Justin towed us back to the group.

Just getting into the flow of it, while chatting to Amy I got a flat tyre. I pulled over and told them to go on. Nick and Dean stopped to help, but we sent Dean on to try and catch the group. After a quick tyre change, we were off and in good spirits to catch up. We sweeped Dean up which surprised us, as we thought he’d have got back on. After me and Nick taking turns holding a decent pace for about 25 miles. We came to terms with the fact they’d picked up there pace ha ha don’t blame them.

We left there route at Great Gidding to head home. After another 20 mins of this punishment from the head wind, I said that I needed to stop and eat something. So we stopped to fuel up and agree we were knackered, Dean was the worst though,proper struggling now. So I led them through Haddon and along a bridleway I know to Hampton. Then another to and through Crown lakes. Along the edge of Standground, then we went our separate ways at the embankment and said or good-bye. Dean wasnt in a good place.

I can honestly say that was tough, the furthest I’d ridden on my cross bike. Only 65 miles, a bit of a wake up call for the Dirty Reiver.

Get home and filled my face with avocado on toast and milk. While Babs cooked me this ummmm.

House chores done ready for our guests later. Then a day bath, I can’t say enough how much I love a day bath 😀 a quick power nap, ready for my run.

So out with the boy which after a telling off for a pulley start, felt really good. I wasn’t expecting to feel as loose as I was. Still gonna keep it short though as need to get back to cook tea. A good job, because about 2 miles in, I could feel fatigue setting in. Kept it steady and smooth for the last bit and job done.

Day 6. 359 to go

3.2 miles

31.9 miles total.

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