Day 8 Double Deuce 

First of all, thanks for everyone’s support on Facebook and I’ll be taking you up on your offers of run buddy’s.

Day off work today, still up at 6:30am as dropped Babs off at work for 7:30, then took the boy to Ferry Meadows.

After finishing off my chores for the day, plus washing my bike from the Saturday ride, I got out for my first run of the day. 4:15pm I parked at the Woodman pub. Me and the boy ran into Ferry Meadows. I tried to do a video blog of the first bit through the trees. But the quality is bad, I’ll try and load it anyway.

Might need to practice that ha ha. We carried on along the river and through the next field, where I let the boy run freely, which was nice for both of us. Around the sailing club and the edge of the lakes and back to the van.

5miles ave HR 129

Run 2. Got home,feed Jackson and put the baked potatoes in the oven while Babs got ready. Then off we went. Nice and steady to start but it felt good. It was the first time we’ve ran together as just the two of us in ages, so think we was both looking forward to it. Through the underpass.

Along Thorpe road and around the normal loop. Was showing Babs how to use her HR for different efforts. She’s come on loads since the last time we ran. A few sprints for her to finish and a steady run the end. Got in to the small of baked Tate’s ummmm. I finished tea off while she got showered, then time to eat.

5 miles ave HR 126

Day 8 done 357 to go.

9 miles today.

49.5 miles total.

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