Day 9 out and back.

Layed in Till 7 this morning, got another day off work. Should be starting a job tomorrow in Norfolk, so fresh running routes, which also means an early start ğŸ˜ž. Dropped Babs off at work and took the boy for a walk around Star pits.

Then we headed over to Boston to drop off a tile cutter and a mothercare parcel to family, but not without getting a dirty Gregg’s on route.😋

Lacking some motivation to run today, as planned on runnng some hills in Derbyshire. After feeling a bit worn out last night, I decided against it. Plus the weather was showing hill fog.

I get a call from my mate who I’m working with in Norfolk, to tell me we’re not starting till Thursday now. So after checking the weather, ğŸ˜Ž I’m heading to the peaks tomorrow. Still need to get today’s run in though. Just need to get the main chore of the day done. Which is picking up some forms from the Passport office. Oh and today’s run, it shouldn’t feel like a chore but today it does.

Reluctantly walked out the door with the boy, up the road and to the toll house. Didn’t feel like having him connected to me today, so let him off and starting running. Turning left at the Nene, so I can keep an eye on him and I start feeling good. It always surprises me how quickly I start getting in the flow, the hardest bit is starting. Soon what I thought would be a 2 mile run, I was thinking about doing my 6 mile loop to Standground. HR 138

Coming up to the Millennium bridge, I feel that my calf is still slightly tight. So I turn back and save myself for tomorrow. I stop at 4 miles and walk with the boy the rest off the way home.

Tip of the day. I massage my feet with sudocrem when they get sore, and massage my calf’s.

Day 9 done 356 to go.

4 miles ave HR 131

53.5 total miles.

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