Day 10 To the hills 

Up at 6, to finish getting my stuff together and have breakfast. Heading to the Peaks today and leaving the boy home, so a solo adventure 😀. (I will miss not having him but need some me time). We weight in on Wednesday mornings, 3lbs lost this week, Boom👊A quick weather check tells me it’s looking shocking again, rain followed by fog,but sunny spells after 12. So may get some nice view’s on my way down.

Wet drive up, no rush though so pulled into McD’s at Newark for a coffee and wrap. Ummmmmm sure I’ll burn that off today.

I pulled into a space just before the dam, out of Bamford. Got changed and had a good look at the map, to get myself familiar with a route. I had a rough plan in my head but always good, to have alternative routes.

The water was very still, with only a slight breeze in the air. I head over the dam and turn right, then about 200m on i took the footpath to my left. It was alot warmer than i expected, so was totally overdressed for it. This first climb was killing me, then as I pass this old barn it got really boggy, for about half a mile.

Then I found better ground and got to the top of Win hill to cool down.

There’s not another person in sight for the next 5 miles. Along the top past Hope cross, past the turn to the Beast (a must for the MTB) I’ve ran this twice so headed straight on instead. It was a great bit running along here, untill I needed to stop to take my inhaler. I’m glad I did because I met this little fella.

I thought I’d made a new friend, but as he chased and squawked at me as I left. I realised he was just telling to go away ha ha, made my day that did. Down to the road, across it and up the farm track to a junction with 3 options for my route. I took the one I’d never done, and glad I did,as it brought me out dead opposite the Fairfields carpark 😎 I should of topped my water up here, lesson one. But I didn’t, bad choice! Past the dam, was the first time I’d seen it flowing for years.

Now I followed my old faithful route from here. Up to the top of the dam and follow the path for about 1km. I turn right here up a steep and today very wet path.

Up to the top of lost Lad and across Derwent edge. It was here at mile 11 when I ran out of drink 😞

Then after a few miles on the top,it’s time to head down, via the technical long downhill to cutthroat bridge, but taking the track to right before the bridge, down to the Ladybower Inn.

Then just followed the road back to the van, where I was happy to take my over kitted pack off and get a long awaited drink.

Stopped at Lidl in Sheffield to get some chicken, bread, full fat milk and coconut water and stuffed my face 😀

Day 10 done 355 to go.

16.4 miles ave HR 138

69.9 miles so far.

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