Day 11 Squeeze it in.

5:30am 😞 wash, breakfast then we’re on the road. A wet slow drive to Old Hunstanton, where I’m working today. Walked the boy along Lovers lane, a track I used to run when I lived here. Was a steady but hard day,out in the cold all day. I could feel my legs was sore from yesterday, and everytime I climbed through the window,to get on the flat roof I grunted. Ha ha I’m getting old.

Stopped for a chicken Footlong from Subway on route home, and walked the dog breifly, while I ate it. Got home and fed Jackson, Babs turn to walk him this evening, as I had a quick change of clothes, grabbed my bike and turbo, and headed to Oundle. Turbo night!

Was a hard one tonight and Sargent Tristan ran a fun but strict ship. 8 of us stayed to do a 25min strength,stretch and core session. Then we said our goodbyes, and now I did my run. Just aiming for the minimum tonight, it’s been a long day. I felt good to be fair and instantly got in my flow. Oundle is a lovely place to run around, with some great old buildings to look at. Before I knew it, I was back at the van. 9:30pm time to go home and chill for bit, before bed.

Day 11 done 354 to go.

2.2 miles

72.1 miles done.

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