Day 12 Guest runner.

5:30am a quick breakfast and wash. A better drive in today, so Jackson got a longer walk. Still feeling tired though, so no run this morning. I’m also meeting up with a friend tonight for a run, so I’ll wait till then. First time we’ve run together so feeling a bit nervous, but I always feel like this the first time I run with someone, plus she’ll be my first run buddy on the blog (apart from Babs and Jackson that is) Really surprised and humbled at all the messages of support I’ve had already. Plus I’m loving hearing all your own running and fitnes journeys too. Keep them coming 🏃

Got done early, so had time to have a great walk, fetch and heal session with Jackson. He did a disappearing act on this mornings walk, so time for more obedience training.

The boy done good 👍

Took him home and fed him,then got ready for the run. Drove to the Woodman at Thorpe wood, to meet up with Emma. Still feeling nervous and worried incase she don’t like the route I’ve picked. That all soon went out the window once she got there, she was nervous too. We laughed about it, I turned the head torch on and off we go.

The paths were a bit wet and muddy in places, but on a whole, not bad at all. Down Into Ferry Meadows and over the wobbly bridge, which I forgot to mention how weird it feels the first time you run over it. We have a good chat all the way around, which was good and a nice change. With only the odd cyclist going past as we ran, and a random couple with a bady. Emma said she wouldn’t of run there on her own. It’s a darker night than I expected, so a good job for the head torch. Past the sailing club, then the cafe and along the road past the caravan site. Then we crossed the road to follow the train track for a bit. We took the left over the bridge and past the barges and back to the wobbly bridge. Up the slope and a strong finish, with a sprint to the road. We was both pleased with the pace and the company. We said our good-byes and I went home for tea.

Day 12 done 353 to go.

4.5 miles HR 137

76.6 miles done.

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