Day 14 Oundle trails.

As Babs has been away for the weekend and not back till this afternoon, any chance of a decent lay in is out the window. Cats wanting letting out,then feeding,this sets the dog off and it goes on. After getting out of bed 5 times and having heard enough “meowing” in my face, plus Jackson banging on the door downstairs, I got up. Just before 8am so not too bad I suppose. Had some breakfast, then took the boy for his walk.

Got Back and gave the house a hoover and tidy up. Got changed and drove over to meet Tris and Emma, at Barnwell Country park at 11, for our run. I parked in the layby up the road and jogged over to meet Tris, who was waiting with Magnus (his dog). We waited for Emma to turn up, then off we went. Following the Nene on grass and muddy trails, the odd puddle to jump/dodge or go through. We followed it all the way past the Warfe and into Cotterstock. It was Emma’s first proper trail run, so was finding it hard but was doing great.

We followed the road to a footpath that came up on our left. Back on to the sticky stuff, as we followed the Nene on this opersite side. We passed through the side of the rugby feild. There was a game on and we got some strange looks. As we got to the main road, Tris tempted Emma for a coffee (posseco) in the Tap, as the bikers (Gorillas) may still be in there. Then we turned right instead (away from it ha ha)and head through the town. Then off road again, to follow our tracks back the park. We said our goodbyes and I carried on, I did a couple of laps around the country park, to log 10 miles. I spoke to Babs who was on her way home and we met for dinner.

Then we went home to let it settle for a bit. Babs set off on her run. Me and Jackson set off 10 mins after to find her. We met her on the way back, so we ran together. She wanted to get her weekly mileage up to 20 miles, so we stopped a little bit over that,just to make sure. Time to chill out.

Day 14 done 351 to go.

10.1 miles HR 137

3.3 miles HR 136

Total today 13.4

91.3 miles done.

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