Day 15 Rained off.

After a weather check again this morning. Work was called off, due to heavy rain in the area. So after breakfast, I dropped Babs off at work and took Jackson for a walk. We parked Castor side of Ferry Meadows. Had a nice walk around the lake and back alongside the Nene. While doing some fetch work, we met another dog walker. I recognise her from other walks, we chat while the dogs wear eachother out. I’d forgot his lead,as I left it in the van, it felt nice having him under control without though. 🙃 Did some food shopping then went to Rutland cycles to get some bits for my bike. After popping into town to get a few things, including my passport pics,I head home to meet Dean at mine. He popped round to see how to make my cyclo-cross bike tubeless. After setting my front wheel up, with rim tape and new valve. I topped it up with Stans no tubes, and tried to inflate. After loads of attempts,I give in and put the tube back in. Need to get some better tyres, as these ones are way too loose. They’ll have to wait! Dean leaves, I do the hoovering and we chill for a bit.

Then I prep tea. I’m doing a Fettuccini Alfredo, out Of Rich Rolls Plantpower way book. We head out for a walk, while the butternut squash cooks. A nice menacing sky as the sun goes down. Was a good walk.

We got home with enough time to get changed and finish prepping tea, before Babs got home. We set off towards town, was a street run tonight, not my favourite sort. The roads were busy and so was the paths, but it’s nice for us to try different routes. Babs feels safer where it’s busy, which I understand. I felt slightly claustrophobic. Once on Fletton ave, it didn’t seem so bad and as we turned off the main road, towards the key,I felt free again. Space!

Home 👍

Day 14 done 351 to go.

5.1 miles ave HR 116

97.6 total miles.

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