Day 16 Off the cuff 

5:30am up and breakfast, had Porridge and two rounds of toast (felt hungry). Took a mocha, with an extra espresso with me for the drive. I’ve been listening to this audiobook, while I drive.

I’m finding it very motivational and humbling. Well today while driving to work, as I listened to this. I felt an urge to run, I had my kit with me as I intended to run after work. I decided to wait till later to run. So I parked at Roydon common to walk the dog, as I walked I was feeling a bit cold. After about 5mins, I just started jogging. I was in thermal leggings, tracksuit bottoms, t-shirt,a fleece hoody and a big hoody plus hat. I was loving it, i kept it real steady as didn’t want to get too hot and sweaty for work. Decided to do my 2 miles,just incase I don’t run later. By the end I was down my t-shirt ha ha. Was 3 degrees. The best way to start the day.

Get to work slightly late and I feel good all day. All day though I couldn’t get the story out my head about a lady, that became a guide runner for a blind man. I need to look into this and maybe, just maybe 🤔

I finished just after 4pm and decided to run again at the same spot. Just changed into my running stuff this time, and we both ran into the dark. I had to stop 3or4 times to call Jackson back, as I lost sight of him in the heathland. It was pitch black when we got back to the van (should have took the headtorch).

Time to drive home now, to the borough of Peter and get some food. Lucky for Jackson I’d brought his with me 👍

Day 16 done 349 to go.

2.1 miles in the morning.

3.7miles after work HR 140

Total 5.8 miles.

103.2 total miles run.

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