Day 17 morning stretch

Soots the Cat woke me up at 5:17am, to be let out. So thought I may as well get up. Weigh in Wednesday, so got on the scales,another lb lost πŸ‘Š. Had my breakfast, 2 bits of toast and granola with natural yogurt. Was on the road for 6am, was planning to repeat yesterday evenings run. I parked up at 6:50am, Thought about wearing my headtorch as I got ready. I was still dark but I knew my eyes would adjust and it would only get lighter. It was very windy and the wind had icy chill to it.

I chose to run without it. Jackson was off his lead again, running like a dog crazed, he loves it. Through the first feild, through the gate and up a slight climb which looks over the heathland. Along the soft and undulating ground, I could just about see the trail enough not to trip up, it’s a tough but fun runπŸ™ƒ. Over a stile into a little grassy field, then turned right up the sandy track. After 100m we went over the stile on our left, and turned right to follow the border. It was getting s little lighter now, so could see fairly well and only lost the boy breifly once. Along the gravel road through the middle and up a very sandy climb. Following the border again but turning left this time, untill we reach the gate. Through the gate and turn left, up the same sandy track as before but on a slight incline. Back through the little feild. Then followed our route back to the van. A quick clean and change, then off to work.

The miles I log on here are Strava miles. I have noticed that you loose distance on Strava.

Example: if my watch logs 3.71 miles Stava logs as 3.7 miles.

But also.

: If I log 3.77 miles on my watch Strava still logs 3.7 miles.

But to keep it simple I’ll just go with, to be fair it don’t matter. Ive still done the same run whatever. πŸ‘

Day 17 done 348 to go.

3.7 miles ave HR 136.

106.9 miles done.

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