Day 19 run of 2 halves

Up at 7am to walk the boy,a frosty start.

Met the Gruffalo for breakfast at Sainsbury’s, after a false start at Franky and Benny’s. Only a small job to do today so no rush. Finished the job and got home just after 3:30pm. Got my bike a stuff ready for the morning and double taped the bars.

I took the boy out for his evening walk, got back and got ready for the run.

Drove with Babs to meet Emma at the Woodman. We got there just after 6pm, was meeting Emma at 6:30pm. I ran with Babs back to the Fox and Hounds on Thorpe road, where she carried on to head home and I headed back, via the woods (past 2 young uns smoking weed ha ha) to the Woodman to meet Emma. It was a very cold evening but I soon warmed up, after the first half mile. She was there waiting for me,when i got there. So we didn’t waste much time in setting off. Slightly different route from last week, for the first mile or so, through top wood. It’s a bit more undulating and slightly harder. Then we joined and followed the same route as last week. The cold air and the fact it was a very dark evening made it feel like hardwork. Emma was finding it tough tonight too. Despite that we had another great run and didn’t see another soul the whole way round.

Day 19 done 346 to go

5.8 miles ave HR 134

115 miles total.

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