Day 20, 4 hard miles

Up at 6:20am, 2 crumpits and a poached egg. Then loaded up the bike and headed to Dean’s, the we drove over to Nick’s. It started raining from the off, Dean was on his MTB,as his cx wasn’t mended yet. A mix of frost and mud made it interesting but fun. Nick was testing his newly slimed up wheels, against punchers. He got to test this when we pulled a massive thorn out, a little air loss but soon stopped👍. Over to Fineshade around the fire roads, then to the cafe to warm up.

Then we tried a new route cross country into Wakerly wood.

and a couple of loops of the blue route. I lost control with a front flat, and ended up in the bushes. Back across country to Nick’s, to wash our bikes down and have food. Thanks Nick 😎


Got home and felt cold and knackered. But the show must go on, so I got changed and headed out with the boy. Just an out and back to the bridge. Gotta say though, these was the hardest miles so far.

Day 20 done 345 to go.

4 miles ave HR 138

119 miles total.

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