Day 25 Morning criuse

Woke up by noisy neighbors at 3:45am 💪 then again by the boy barking at the cats coming in, at about 4:30am. Having said that a felt like I’d slept really well when my alarm went off, at 5:45am. Got dressed and had a mouthful of coconut water. Then put Jackson’s lead on and jogged upto the Toll house. Its still dark this time of the morning, so I turned the little light on, I put on his harness and let him off. I followed the path to the end and ran over the footbridge. My eyes had adjusted enough to pick out any uneven ground. I notice the birds singing this morning and start looking forward for a few weeks, when they’ll be in full flow. We followed the willows under the parkway, all the way to the sea scouts building. We stopped briefly to get a pick of the work in progress, of Fletton quays.

Over the road at the lights, passed Asda and through the underpass. Over the Queensgate footbridge and through town, it was raining now. Then through the gardens and home. Egg and soldiers for breakfast 😉 Shower and off to work. I recommend Tom’s sandwich bar, down Main ridge west, Boston. Lovely fresh food, made to order. Baguette,crisps and drink for £3 bargain 👍

Turbo at Oundle tonight 👍

Day 25 done 340 to go

3.4 miles

154.6 total miles.

Had a burn up too.

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