Day 30 Van service day

Up At 7am with a coffee from Babs and some granola. Dropped the van off for a service at Formula 1 auto’s, and walked the boy from there. It’s only just up the road, down Fengate. So we walked the usual route, around the builders feild for a bit of fetch and catch, then back down Potters way to the Toll house. The sun was out and it’s a bit crunchy under foot. I was hoping the van to be done by dinner, so I could get on, but I overheard they’re short staffed so I doubt that. Went and did the shopping and got some calor gas for the BBQ. Got home and had brunch.

Still not heard from the garage, so I prepped tea. A recipe that Lizo gave me to try, Sweet Potato, Spinach and Chickpea Filo Pie.

Garage rang and the van needs new brakes and a few others bits 😤 not what I needed to hear. After a bit of moaning, I got the price down to £240 (from £305) so a kind of result I suppose.

I had to get out in the sun, so got my kit on for a run. Jackson gave me the please take me look, so I put his harness on and off we went. I was gonna head off road down the Nene but now I have the boy, I headed the other way on the Standground loop. I should have stuck to my plan though, as I was getting frustrated by the him, not his fault. I Just wanted to run, turn off and enjoy the sun. so I ran with his lead on for the rest of it. We had a stare off.

What a glorious day and almost feels like spring. The view from the millennium bridge towards Peterborough.

To be fair it wasn’t a great run for me. I felt really good but, I couldn’t turn off from work, or the van and it took the first 3 miles for Jackson to behave. Plus we passed some kids near the parkway, after we’d passed they started showing off. Making howling noises and barking, it was funny for about 2 seconds. All I wanted to do was go back and give em a slap. But there only kids, I was like it once, so I just resisted and carried on.

Day 30 done 335 to go.

6.4 miles HR 132.

191.9 miles total.

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