Day 34, 3 becomes 4.

6:10am I went to load my bike in the van and Nooooo! I hadn’t took my plastering stuff out ğŸ˜ž after trying to make the bike fit in for about 5 minutes, I gave up. I emptied it and I let Dean know I was running late. I take the dog out for his walk.

Walking the boy this morning I felt warm, thought it’d be a lot colder. Didn’t want to over dress on the bike today, but didn’t want to get too cold either. It’s never easy to get it right this time of year. So just went with what I normally wear and stopped worrying about it. Dean picked me up to save a bit of time, then off to Nick’s. We had a new member today, Phil. He found it hard but enjoyed it I think.

Untill he got muck in the eye, Nick enjoyed doing cleaning it for him.

We rode to Rutland water and around it, great fun today as always. My shifter stopped working again though,so went in to Rutland cycles at Whitwell to check it. 20mins later, the verdict was ğŸ‘Ž f*”‘:d. All cold to the core now we road back to Stamford. Me with 2 gears. Back to Nick’s for a wash down and feed. Thanks chef 😁

36 miles of mud, rain and laughs.

I didn’t have a lot of energy left for running but after dropping my bike off. Then walking the dog at Ferry meadows, I still didn’t have any ha ha.

The show must go on, so I put on my trainers and headed out. Is was just gone 6pm, still raining. Which to be honest I like running in the rain, so was happy. Took the usual mile or so for my legs to loosen up. Then I got in the groove and I mean right in the zone. I actually felt totally zoned out, almost trance like, bazaar. I’ve never felt as in the moment as this before. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’ve been in the zone and flowing, but. This was different, it probably lasted for about 2 mile maybe, I’m not too sure. May only of been for half a mile or so, but it felt good really good.

Day 34 done 331 to go.

6.9 miles HR 137.

209.9 miles total.

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