Day 35. Lost and found.

So after a nice lazy Sunday morning, we start planning or run. Mainly by eating loads of food. We did sit down and plan a route too. We planned to run together for about 6 miles, then Babs would make her way back and I’d carry on.

So this is what i ate for breakfast/brunch.

=2 poached eggs on toast, with black pepper and tumeric. Plus a hand full of blueberries. Black coffee

=2 Extra toast. Black coffee

=Then 2 weetobix with Almond milk, chia seeds, flaxseed and a sprinkle of nutritional yeast. Glass of water.

So after all that I took Jackson for a walk, to let it settle 😋

Got back and got ready as Babs was waiting to go.

I’ve noticed that motivation comes from places and people you wouldn’t expect. If you start looking for reasons to do things, rather than reasons to not do them. It all becomes so much easier. Like the amount of time we spend sulking about not having enough time, that time could of been spent doing the thing we haven’t got any time to do. We think too much, get out there and do it! Make a plan and stick to it! And if your knackered, rest and do it later.

We set off together down the Nene, over the millennium bridge and back down the other side, towards Stanground.

Running selfie, I call it a Runfie.

We followed the Nene way round the back of Stanground. I left Babs here, at around 5 and a half miles. Following the Nene way into Farcet, with a slightly increased pace to warm up. While going through crown lakes I got chased briefly, by an aggressive dog. I stopped, he showed teeth and snapped at my hip but no harm done. So I carried on. New trails from here on and as I explored my way along the trails, I had a couple of no entry blocks to climb. As well as this stretch which I won’t be doing again.

Was a lot of walking here, and getting tangled, thorned and getting wet (from the sleet shower🤗). I did stop and laugh at my situation at this point. I came out at Fletton parkway, and got confused on how to get across. Once I’d sussed it out,I was treated with the underpass, it had some wicked graffiti. This one freaked me out, what a masterpiece.

Got a little lost finding Fletton lakes, but was worth finding. There’s a lovely trail along here, I’ll definitely be back here soon. Through the cemetery and along the parkway to home. A successful new route hunt 👍

I like to have avocado on toast, Babs finds this weird, does anyone else?

If your find that weird, you’ll think that adding warm Porridge to it, definitely is ha ha.

Day 35 done 330 to go.

13.2 miles HR 126

223.1 miles total.

2 thoughts on “Day 35. Lost and found.

  1. Avocado on toast all the way Steve! I add some chilli flakes, garlic powder, salt and lemon juice! Yum!
    Thoroughly enjoying reading your writing!


    • I’ll have to try that, how do you do it? Thanks for following me it means a lot. Ive also been following your runs on Strava. Your doing great, keep it up. I aim gonna donate too when I get some Dosh in 👍x


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