Day 40 The Cuckoo.

Turbo smashed me up last night, that was a great session from the Sargent major. With the groundwork and that, I feel burnt out today. More groundwork today will sort me out 😞.

Walking the boy after work, the wind was freezing. Should have worn an extra top I reckon. Jackson doesn’t seem to feel the cold. I actually laid in the long grass out of the wind ha ha.

Whats wrong dad?

Luckily I was meeting Tris for a run, as wasn’t feeling motivated tonight. Would have been a quick 2 miles through town. Plus my feet and ankles are a bit sore, so soaked them in hot water with Epson salts, before I left.

Met the sergeant Major and Magnus outside the Cuckoo in Alwalton. They was waiting for me, as I was late. So we set off straight away to get warm. Down the hill we go, following the road to the gate. Then head lights turned on, we head through the trees to the lock. Magnus was free and loving it, we head across the field to the old watermill. I could tell the pace was slightly higher than normal and my HR was around 150 at this point. Saying that we were chatting the whole way round, so perfect really. Tris had to hook Mags back on, as we went into a feild with horses in. Bloody big uns too. We then follow the railway back to Ferry meadows. After the cow feild we took the single track along the Nene. Slippery,muddy and good fun, we kept a good pace too. We made our way to sailing club around the lakes. Then took the track back to Alwalton. (But not without doing one of my favourite running trails around here) we cut down through the trees to the river and follow the singletrack. It’s a decent and slightly technical route through here, love it. Back to the van to get a dry top on.

Then a quick scoop to rehydrate.

Day 40 done 325 to go.

6.8 miles HR 151.

254.0 miles total.

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