Day 41 Rest day & plan.

After a lazy night on the sofa, drinking whiskey and watching cycling. To be fair alot of snoozing too. I slept like a log all night. Didn’t get out of bed till half 8. No biking, running or work this morning. Rest day!

I had 2 poached eggs on crumpits, followed by a big bowl of granola, 2 black coffees and chilled. I did sow my jeans crutch up and a pair of boxers. Then set out to prep for next Saturday. Didn’t realise it’s a self navigational run, no marshalls or markers 😱. So I went over and over and over the route. They’ve give us a photo of the map and a route description. So I’ve printed that up and marked key words on it and marked the route on my OS map.

Really looking forward to running this.

Took the very patient Jackson for his walk. Got home and started making dinner, Babs got home while it was cooking. She’d done the Parkrun then met her friend Hayley for a walk and a tea/coffee (cakes and scones 😉). We drove over to Crowland to look a house our friends are buying. It needs some work doing, but a great property, fingers crossed it goes through for them 🤞. Bit of food shopping from the Co-op, then home.

Decided I’d had enough rest, so got the dog and headed out. Thought a nice easy out and back run, with the boy down the Nene would be what the doctor ordered. Plan was to keep smooth and slow, and HR below 130 beats per minute. It seems to take about half a mile for my HR to get above 120 lately but today it stayed below 100. I felt really good and had to stop myself from going faster, felt like I’d 2days off. The boy was being extremely good too, just doing his own thing. Sometimes running by my side but mostly running around, no too far and looking to keep an eye on me. It was damp and breezy, just felt spot on to be fair. So after getting to the millennium bridge, I thought we may as well carry on and do the Stanground loop. One of my favourite runs with the boy this year. It felt like a good walk.

Day 41 done 324 to go.

6.4 miles HR 126.

260.4 miles total.

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