Day 43 cold start.

Out the door by 5:45am and straight back in to grab my body warmer. Brrrrrrrr it was colder than expected. My hands even felt cold through my gloves 😯. So the run itself was dark, I soon warmed up though. Just gonna be a steady week, tapering I suppose. Building my energy levels back up, ready for race day on Saturday. So nice and easy down the Nene and into town, over the Queensgate footbridge. A few people dragging there heals on there way to work, or on there way home. Not so many rough sleepers this morning I notice though.

Fed the boy, fed myself and got my lunch ready. A shower then off to work.

Day 43 done 322 to go.

3.4 miles.

269.1 miles total.

Bit of lunch with the boy, man time.

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