Day 44 Red sky in the morning.

Another morning disturbed by the cats. But this isn’t why I feel knackered, should have had an early night. Yesterday’s concreting job was hardwork and wore me out. Same again Wednesday and Friday 💪. In a way I owe thanks to cats for getting me up, otherwise I’d still be in bed.

Heard some horrible news last night on Facebook. A friend of ours called Phil Barnes has been missing for two weeks. When I used to run the Parkrun regular, we were a very similar pace. So we used to have a bit of banter. If you have read my blog from day one, he was the runner I passed Jackson to on new year’s Day Parkrun. So I feel slightly weird this morning and find myself looking out for him. Hopefully never finding him along the Nene, and every homeless person was a possible Phil.

Come back Phil Barnes.

Day 44 done 221 to go.

3.3 miles.

272.4 miles total.

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