Day 45 Valentine’s day

Great news! Phil has been found and he’s fine. 👍

Although it’s only -2 outside there’s ice everywhere. Proper artic feel this morning. Slept better last night though,and feel good this morning. Me and the boy just do the usual route, as keeping it easy and simple this week. Nearly slipped over a few times 🙃. The Nene was nice and still along the embankment.

As we ran down Bourges Boulevard, I was directed to cross the road, over the new crossing, existing times. Everything seems quite this morning, so apart from Jackson catching a rabbit (which he didn’t know what to with) not alot else to say. Apart from look out for ice.

Weigh in Wednesday another 3lbs lost 💪

Got my vday card from Babs when I got in (she hid it in my dinner bag 😘)but! I’ve completely forgot where I hid hers up. I get it weeks ago, thinking how good I was, so hid it away for safety. Ha ha I searched everywhere, what an idiot!

Day 45 done 320 to go.

3.3 miles.

275.7 miles total.

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