Day 54 New route.

A short blog today. As you all know the weather has turned cold again. After work and after walking the boy, I met Tris at the Cuckoo in Alwalton. We both needed an easy and short run tonight. We ran on HR keeping it low. Magnus was with us too, he loved it. We kept on tarmac and lit up paths. To be fair we just blagged the route, just made it up as we went. Was nice to run like this and have a good catch up. We ended up at Ferry meadows and followed the track back to Alwalton. It was fairly dark down this bit and slightly muddy in places. Got back and Tris didn’t have time for a pint, so went home.

Got my bike ready for the morning.

It’s the Wiggle no excuses sportive, it starts at the Showground in Peterborough. I’m still in two minds, as it’s bloody cold 😎. Was meant to be paintballing but it got cancelled, didn’t fancy that either to be honest.

Day 53 done 311 to go.

3.6 miles HR 122.

335.2 miles total.

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