Day 55 Wiggle it, just a little bit.

The Beast from the east is making is very cold out.

Because of this, the organisers have delayed the start of the sportive. With caution of ice on the roads. I hadn’t entered anyway so was still at home till past 9:30am. I was faffing around to be fair, couldn’t decide whether to go for a long run or cx instead. I felt like I’d miss out if I don’t go though, as loads of the Gorillas was riding it. So I drove and parked at Chesterton and Dean gave me the 5 minutes warning call. I got ready and when I see them coming, I started to ride away steady to wait for them to catch me. Gasman was leading so I joined him at the front. We led to Wansford, then I dropped Nick’s glasses. I had mended them but not had the chance to give them back. Snapped again in the same place, and I couldn’t find the other bit anywhere. So set of to catch up, Nick had waited for me to help me get back on. He was laughing until I said they were his ha ha. Anyway back in the group, it was cold but sunny. Had a good catch up with most and thanks to the cheeseman (who took ages to change his puncture) It was easy to talk to everyone. I left them all at Southwick, where I took on the cold brutal headwind back to the van. Passing loads of riders from the sportive, going the opposite way. I was hungry so picked up some bread, free range eggs and chicken on my way home and made dinner.


Babs is still out on her litter pick, so I wait for her, to make her dinner and before I can do my run.

The truth is I’m feeling burnt out today. I’d say a mix between alot exercise and work being very physical over the last two weeks. But after a power nap, I set off with the boy. I feel rough and the boy feels great, I can tell by the way he’s trying to pull me. We head over the embankment, across the road at the sea cadets. We stay on paths along the Nene and past the boathouse pub. The sun is out and I’m over dressed and warm, as the wind is behind us. We run down the rowing lake, the boy is running nicely now. I spot a woman running going the same direction but on the opposite side, I make sure we beat her ๐Ÿ‘ feeling a bit better now,still not great but better. Over Orton Mere, we just miss a picture opportunity. A steam train going past backwards. We cross the track and turn into the wind, loads better. Jackson is a pleasure to run with now, has been since the Boathouse and is all the way back now. Well it happens again, I felt crap before and on most of the run. But feel so much better after. A glass of water and a kiwi fruit. Then showered, changed, waited for Babs to try on her whole wardrobe, then heading to sunny Hunny to Si Riches 50th bash at the sailing club. BOOM! ๐Ÿบ

Day 54 done 310 to go.

5.9 miles.

341.1 miles total.

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