Day 56 Steady Sunday.

Was a bit of a late one last night.

Plenty of drinking, laughing and a bit of dancing. Great fun. Babs gets 2 gold stars too, for not drinking and driving us home. Not sure what time we got back, must of been about 1am. Felt a long way back anyway. Thanks Barbara Ann X x

Needless to say I felt rough this morning 😞 but was worth it. Was up early to let Dave know, we wouldn’t be heading over to Clumber park this morning. Back to bed, knackered! But! The dog had other ideas and wanted us up. We let him upstairs on the bed for a bit, this is something we very rarely do. After a while I got up and made us a dirty fry up, then we did some bits around the house. Nice and steady. We both walked the dog and moved some big bits of rubbish to the heap, ready for collection again. I need a siesta, so head to bed for an hour 😴 lovely. Babs did her run while I prepped tea. Then I head out with JB. I run him on the waist harness again, as he was so good yesterday. The sun was still out and wasn’t as cold as I’d thought. Ran down the river to the Boathouse. Then along the rowing lake. Jackson stopped for a slurp.

We came back along the trail up above the trees, heading back past the rowing club. Then to mix it up we run along Thorpe road, over the bridge, through the subway and into town. I always take the opportunity to run through the cathedral when it’s open. I feel like I go back in time, awesome building.

We head through the gate to the right of the building, through the little courtyard and another gate. Through the old pathway with great old stone walls and buildings. This brings us to the top of Bishops road. We head home. To be totally honest, I feel a bit burnt out this weekend and both runs felt tough. A bit more laboured than normal but! Neither of them a chore and still loving it 👍

Day 55 done 309 to go.

6.3 miles HR 132.

347.4 miles total.

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