Day 60 March

Woke up to a missed call from the Gruffalo (Dave) at just after 7am. I knew what it’s about as we spoke yesterday. He wanted to go snow kiting somewhere, so over a coffee we discussed possible areas. We checked a couple that wasn’t right, before we parked at ferry meadows sailing club. So me Dave and Jackson casually sneaked through the trees, to a spot we designated as the launch zone. While he set up, I entertained Jackson.

But he seems to take ages, so I go back and he says “the line are tangled” DOH! It takes about 15mins, by this time,I wished I’d worn gloves (idiot) my hands was freezing I mean proper freezing. By the time I’d helped him launch, I couldn’t feel my hands. I still managed to video a bit before they got really painful. I wrapped my hands in a sleeping bag Dave had for his kite to go in. Luckily he only played out there for about 10-15 mins. Then he gave me his gloves. Walking back to his van, I got the hot aches I was waiting for 🤗

So after warming up, we head back to mine after visits to Pets at home and Go outdoors. I tret me and Babs to these beauties.

Cheap as chips at £20 a pop, bargain. Gonna be perfect for after exercise and even running in extreme cold in the mountains, or here today 👍

So after a dirty McDonalds wrap meal had settled, I got my running kit on, plus new jacket and head out. Needless to say I soon got too warm, I took it off and tied it around my waist, at about mile 2. It felt so good to run in though, I wished it was colder. The paths were very icy, I’m mean like an ice rink. I felt ok in my trail shoes but was better while moving. I didn’t see another soul all the way from town bridge to Orton Mere. Infact I don’t remember seeing anything living apart from Hares, plenty of them. It was deadly quite apart from my breathing and footsteps. Infact the first three people I passed totally blanked me 🙊 think the weather is getting alot of people down. I got to put my jacket back on, on the way back as it was into the wind. I can honestly say though that I was toasty the whole run, loved it.

Turbo got cancelled (good decision Tris) I planned to do the session in Dean’s garage with him. But like a fool, when I took the boy out I didn’t wear gloves again arrrrrrhhhh. That wind is fricking evil. 😈

Day 59 done 305 to go.

5.9 miles HR 138.

376.9 miles total.

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