Day 62 Reiver training with the Gorillas.

Woke up to a good drop of snow outside, been snowing since 4pm yesterday and most of the night. After some second thoughts and What’s App messages. I ride to meet Dean, slightly earlier than planned (7:20am). The roads was ridable but not fun, we had these roads all the way the Elton.

Once at Elton we had mostly off road, all the way to the Gorilla Firm. It was funny with lots of snow and alot of ice too.

Only one fall between us (Dean) from Peterborough to Oundle 👍. When we arrive at the shop, there’s a great turnout of people. Wasn’t expecting that, but spot on. We rode out back the way we came, all the way to Elton. It was the first time most had ridden in snow, so was really funny. Crashes all over the place, me being the first,one of many and one was straight over the bars ha ha. To be fair there’s so much that happened today, I’d take all night to write it. All I can say is there was a lot of laughter,crashes,snowballs thrown,pushing off bikes,knee deep snow,ice riding,deer,drifts and a great bunch of people, brilliant day. Here’s a few pics.

The icing on the cake was a couple of beers in the Tap and a lift home from Nick, thanks mate 👍

After stuffing 4 rounds of toast down my throat and boring Babs with story’s of the day. I need to get changed and take these tired legs for a run. I take the boy with me, so I get to see him in the snow. The paths are a bit slushy already and still slippy. But still loads of snow away from the roads,he was running around loving it in the snow. I was just plodding and watching him go mental. I hooked him back on half way down the Willows, as there was some people about. I felt ok running wise, just felt knackered and the toast kept repeating on me. The boy was good as gold too, running with me and no pulling. It’s a bit slushy down Bourges and through town. A lot of people about, it is sat afternoon I suppose. We cut through the cathedral and head home, via the trail through the trees next to the football courts. Home! And time to drink and chill.

Day 61 done 303 to go.

3.3 miles

385.6 miles total.

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