Day 68 Beautiful morning.

The boy was waiting eagerly for his run this morning, he’s loving them at the moment. I have a quick expresso and we set off. A bit of ground frost this morning, I don’t feel cold though (remembered my gloves). I didn’t bring my phone with me, which I instantly regret as soon as we get on Potters way. It’s the nicest morning of the year. A clean crest covering of frost, a low mist over the fields and the sun was glistening and reflecting off the Nene. A perfect photo opportunity, this one was meant for me and me only. The morning chorus is in full flow too. Then I remembered and old saying, I’m not sure wrote it but went something like this “Don’t focus too much on your finishing goal that you forget to enjoy the journey” I realise how much I’m enjoying my running and not having my phone today, made me realise it and take it all in. Also writing these blogs has been great. Its helped me focus and learn, I’m not the best at spelling and writing, but feel I’m getting better. The running is the easy bit but enjoying the whole experience.

The sun is out the whole run and it just feels effortless. Could of ran on today but unfortunately work beckons. So I get home and fed the boy, quick shower, some bran flakes,coffee and off to work.

Day 67 done 297 to go.

5.5 miles HR 124.

423 miles total.

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