Day 69 Babs Bday.

Breakfast in bed for the birthday girl, coffee and croissants. We always do a casual open house gavering on her birthday. So family and friends pop round through the day, when it suits them. Also Babs loves seeing everyone, and the kids.

So after breakie and card opening. Me and JB set off, been raining so the ground is wet and trails will be slippery. So trail shoes is order of the day. We didn’t even get to the regional pool before my watch beeped.”recharge now” DOH! So got my phone out and used Strava to record the run. I notice my phone is low on battery too. So was running on total feel now, as no HR or pace to follow. To be fair I don’t normally look much anyway. We follow the Nene on the south side to Orton Mere. Passing a few dog walkers,walkers,bikers and others joggers, busy day. We pass one couple, the lady shouted “you dropped something” I turn back and thanked her as I grabbed my sweaty hat. Was a bit slippy in The woods behind Orton hall, Jackson upped the pace as normal through here, loving it! Out on Oundle road a car honked it’s horn, beep beep. It was Darren,Helen and Ben coming back from Parkrun. I waved and carried on down the track back towards the river. We followed the river into ferry meadows, passing runners on there way home from the Parkrun. Over the big wobbly bridge and an immediate right down onto the trail. This follows the Nene and golf course back to Orton Mere. It’s water logged and very slippery along here. Doesn’t stop us catching and overtaking a bloke on his MTB, struggling to deal with it 💪. We head home along the busy rowing lake and paths into town. Better get ready for people to arrive, is it too early to start drinking at 11?

Day 68 done 296 to go.

9.1 miles.

433.1 miles total.

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