Day 70 Mother’s Day Half.

Babs decided late last night, to knock the Boundary half marathon run on the head. It meant we could have lay in, rather than get up at 5:45am to get ready, get there and get registered in time for the 9am start. Plus yesterday was full on and was both knackered. Good decision.

So after a steady morning and walking the boy, and after banging my head really hard on the van 😞. I planned a half marathon for us, with a really sore head. As a mother’s Day present from Jackson 😎 a mixture of paths,tracks and water. She was happy with this as she felt she’d missed out today.

We set off down the bridleway past the embankment and over to Fletton. We take the track alongside the cemetery, then through the estate. I take Babs around Fletton lake for her first time. Then we run around the front of IKEA distribution, past the graffiti covered subway. There was some kids playing around here, up to mischief but just kids stuff. The path brought us out onto London road. We turn right here, under the bridge then right down Club way. At the end of this we go under the road and follow the path behind Hampton. This is new ground to both of us and I spot a nice looking trail heading into the tree’s. That’s one for another time πŸ‘. It’s a good pathway and a few people was using it. We eventually cross over the parkway on the bridge. We then have to weave our way through the estates, untill we find the field and BMX track. The path leads around this grass field and into the woods. Here we join the path behind Orton hall, familiar ground now and we’re happy we haven’t got lost once.

We keep on the track to Oundle road, cross it, then take the path right and follow it over the train track. We now follow the path along the train track (occasionally flooded) down the side the caravan site of ferry meadows. We cross the little stone bridge into the park, and followed the paths around Gunwade lake. The path is under water in places here too.

So we decided sod it, time to get wet feet. Babs loved it. Unfortunately just after this she started to struggle a bit more. So we walk for a bit now and then, but kept moving. It’s the furthest she’s ran for a long time and a lot of trail too, see very proud of her. I give her a bit more motivational talk, as we do a loop of Thorpe wood. It seems to help as she improves a bit. Back to the rowing lake but follow the track above the tree’s, rather than the path along the water. Past the boathouse, the water is very high again here. Through the estates from here, to come out at the Nene. Following it, then through the underpass and past the Lido, then home.

Day 69 done 295 to go.

13.1 miles HR 114

446.2 miles total.

2 thoughts on “Day 70 Mother’s Day Half.

  1. Ask Claire about today and Retford half… amazing show here – her longest run prior to this was about 10 miles – and boy did she nail it – won’t share too much as if you doing the March Clumber I will let her tell you all about it – but wow!! very impressed – and everyone at the running club made such a fuss of her!!!


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