Day 72 Sick boy.

Babs had to change plans and work from home today. We had a sick boy to look after. He was off his food all day yesterday and may have ate something dodgy at Ferry meadows, on his walk. His stomach was making loads gurgling and spluttering noises, so loud at times we could here them over the TV. He hadn’t been sick or had the runs, he also seemed ok just a bit quiet. So didn’t think we needed the vet. I stayed downstairs with him all night though, to keep an eye on him. I did notice he ate his food about 2am, so knew he was feeling a bit better and his stomach was silent. I went to bed about 4am and decided to not go running first thing. So got a lay in till 6:45am.

Was looking forward to my run after work though, the sun had been out and had felt warm. Was working in a T-shirt most of the day 😎. I knew the water was still high and most of the trails this way would be under water. So with that in mind, I parked at the Woodman to do a run from there. Before I set off, I returned a call to my ol’ mate Webbo. I’d been thinking about him today and then he called, bazaar. We had a catch up and he asked me “bet you feel fit a f#*k now don’t ya?” To which I replied “I feel knackered ha ha” and “at about mile 4 I feel fittest” This got me thinking as I started to run, how fit would I feel if I had a recovery week now? Guess I’ll never know. As I come through the trees my attention switches, to the sun and the reflections off the flooded fields in front of me. I have to get a pic.

The trail is muddy down to the bridge, I go over it into ferry meadows. I pass other joggers as I head through the park, dodging water as best I can. As I get to the sailing club, I had to stop and take view in and get a pic, stunning.

I started to think about what Webbo had said, I do feel fit and very lucky to be so. It’s nice stop and take that in sometimes, as when we train,we get so focused on getting as fit as possible. We forget to enjoy how fit we are. I pick the pace up slightly to see how I feel, I feel great. I passed the slow moving cars down Oundle road, crossed over and head into the woods. Onto the singletrack, this feels a bit tougher. I also take a different path, dead end! and brambles ha ha. Back tracked and carried on. Out on to the road back across Oundle road to Orton Mere. As I head over to go under the Nene Parkway. I get my first proper wetty of the run. I run along the path, I remember reading about a breathing technique. Breath in and out through the nose to ingage the diaphragm. I soon got out of breath, so started the breath in through my nose and out through my mouth. A bit easier, then when I got used to that, I did 2, 3 then 4 nose in and outs, before using my mouth. Not sure if it’ll do any good but what I do know is. I’d done a full circle of Thorpe wood without really taking it in and I was now back at the carpark.

Day 71 done 293 to go.

6.7 miles HR 137.

458.7 miles total.

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