Day 74 New campsite

Apparently a campsite has open on the grass, outside the Key theatre. 🤔

Finally made it to the pub ride last night, first time this year. Basically its a blast every Wednesday, for 20 miles on the road bikes. Followed by beer and snacks at the chosen pub. Great fun and a great crowd. Was a hard one last night as it was windy,dark and a few were pushing the pace. Me and the Gasman was on a breakaway near the end. Only for me to go wrong and head off the road, onto a gravel road. Luckily no damages. Shad caught us here and took the win. The pub was the Falcon at Fotheringhay.

Plenty of snacks last night, put on by the pub👍.

Plus cakes and flapjacks from the Gregg’s, which was spot on too 👍.

So didn’t eat my tea when I got in, had it for breakfast after my run instead.

So got out the door just after 6:20am with JB. It was raining but not too cold. Legs felt a bit tired from last night but not as bad as I’d thought. We do the usual route and all is good. I think about going over to the Fletton quays new front, to have a look but don’t bother. I take a pic of the happy camper, waking up in his tent, outside the Key theatre instead. As I pass under the Asda bridge, another dog jogger drops in behind me. Too far Back to stop and let him past but close enough to bother JB. I should of stopped to let him pass, or see if he wanted to run together and let the dogs off. But I didn’t, I picked my pace up slightly to keep in front ha ha. We turn back at the Boathouse and leave them there. Jackson seemed a bit steady so eased of slightly. Up the stairs and over the bridge, through the underpass and through town. Passing Argo lounge, I checked the opening times for Sunday. An option for breakfast with Big Phil. We head home, I feed the boy his rice and biscuits, I have a shower. Get ready for work, have my breakfast (last night’s tea) and go. Leaving the boy at home, he didn’t want to come with me today.

Day 73 done 291 to go.

5.2 miles HR 130.

469.6 miles total.

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