Day 76 Wind! I hit that stuff head on!

Another bad night’s sleep with the boy. Babs was a star this morning though, took him for a walk and gave me a lay in till 9. Get out of bed to the feeling of hunger. So made a breakfast for Kings and filled my boots.

Babs was out meet her friend Hayley. So I did a quick man clean of the house (consists of hoovered and washing up) chuffed with my work, I sit at the computer and plan my route. Was trying to plan it to work with the wind. After an hour of this and silly What’sApp messaging, I realise I’ve lost motivation. I get in a panic and start to get annoyed. Should have gone out first thing! I call Babs, she tells me to “stop messing about and get out there” good advice, so that’s what I do.

Thought a good idea would be to run into the wind to Whittlesea. Oh my god! That was tough and I mean 5 miles of convincing myself not to turn back tough. It was relentless and the fact I had the smell of the shit works blowing in my face, for the first 2 miles didn’t help 😞. I’m so glad I had my new thermal jacket on, that wind is cold. Nevermind at least I’ll have back on the way back. I argued with myself twice more, as I was tempted to take the shorter route on 2 occasion’s. Good mind training I thought, it’s not meant to be easy. Finally got to my turn around point just over 5 miles. Instantly had to take my gloves and hat off. Said hi to Ben Harding and his girlfriend as I passed them. Took him a few seconds to realise it was me ha ha. He’s a good lad. Heading down Peterborough road with the wind on my back, I have to take my jacket off too. Very refreshing, a bit cold to start with, but felt nice. As I got in the flow my gloves went back on and then my hat. Then also my jacket, as I stand and wait with the traffic for the train to pass.

After what seemed a lifetime, the train passed and the barrier lifts. I stay along the road untill the turning for McCain’s. I run past the factory and the wind turbines. With the brick pits either side I come to the path. This is where I could of took my first short cut. It’s fairly sheltered down here but had wind on my back when it could. Into Standground, down North Street and past the Woolpack Inn. Past the church, under the parkway then up along side it. I decide to drop down to the Nene and run along it. With the Embankment on my right,I followed the path past the back of the Key and in front of the Lido. A chill runs down my spine as I think about a swim. Down Bishops road and home. That was a tough run today a character builder.

Day 75 done 289 to go.

12 miles HR 134.

485 miles total.

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