Day 78 Cold!

The bed had a tight hold on me this morning. Saturday night was catching up with me. Got up against my will and got my running stuff on. Jackson seemed keen until I opened the back door. The air felt so cold this morning. So we set off and I feel cold from the start and breathing felt tough. Had about enough of this wind now, it’s doing my head in. Like the DJ on the radio said this morning ” it’s a lazy wind, just goes straight through you” As you can tell, I’m not loving this run. Even though I’m sweating, I feel cold,my asthma is not great today either. Think I’m just tired. As I go under the bridge for Rail world, I see the icicles. I stopped to take a pic and realised how lucky I am. Not only to see these and be able to see these but to hear the birds, smell the air and different smells of the morning. I shouldn’t take this for granted, staying in bed I’d have missed out. So get out there and run/walk/bike/kayak/read a book outside. There’s so many that can’t, so get outside and enjoy life.

We carried on with a much more positive bounce in my step. I stopped thinking about the cold in a bad way, just accepted it. Had a couple of close calls on some black ice though. They seem to have used all the grit through town, there was loads everywhere. Got home and washed JB’s feet, feed him and had breakfast while warming up next to the radiator.

Day 77 done 286 to go.

3.8 miles.

493.1 miles total.

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