Day 79 Back on the trails.

Needed a rest this morning after last night’s turbo, in Dean’s pain cave. So had a decent sized breakfast, 2 poached eggs on toast (bit of black pepper and tumeric) and a bowl of weetobix. Walked the boy around the Nene and trails near the Boathouse. The water level is getting back down and everything seems to be getting back to normal. Ain’t mother nature fantastic? Heard some bad news yesterday though. A friend came off her bike and broke her pelvis, in two places. She’s a tough cookie and will come back stronger, rest and recover Jo hope your not in too much pain.

The sun has been showing its face now and then and it’s starting to feel like spring is coming. I was expecting loads more attempts at the segment of people today, even thought about it myself.

Decided to run with the boy from Ailsworth again. I was guessing the trails will be about usable, from what I’d seen earlier. The boy was keen and had to keep calling him to get closer. He soon got the idea and we got in the flow. The trail at the back of Castor is perfect and we’re crousing along it. At the end we turn right and head down to the Nene. A few wet patches but fine, also still no cows so bonus 😎 We cross the feilds to Water Newton, not a lake like last time. It’s so nice, not being cold and I love having the boy running free like this. Untill he rolls in cow shit that is 👎 he got a free launch into the Nene, he wasn’t too pleased. As we get near Wansford station, I took a trail I’d spotted the other day. It brings me out in the field in Sutton, nice alternative route that. We head back to the van, via some fields. Cleaned the boy and dryer myself down then called my mum and returned a call from Babs then went home.

Day 78 done 288 to go.

5.6 miles HR 130.

498.7 miles total.

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