Day 82 Bradgate and home.

We stayed over Nottingham last night, as went to see Michael McIntyre. What an awesome show, hilarious. The support act was really good too and I got to ride in my first Uber. Babs also got a lot of enjoyment out of the ride in the tram. We went with good friends Lou and Dave who were great company as always. I think I drank for all of us though 😎 The hotel was fantastic and would definitely recommend it, great night sleep too.

After breakfast, Lou and Dave went to explore Nottingham and me and Babs set off to explore Bradgate country park. It was kind of on our way home and my mate Matt, who lives near by it. Has been telling me to go there for ages, said I’d love it. For the first time ever he was right, what an awesome place. We parked in the carpark, only £3 for the day. We set off together, with the intention to run together but. Nearly from the off Babs was finding it hard to breath (we thought it was because we were heading into the cold wind) we stopped and I suggest putting her buff over her mouth. This didn’t help either, she was getting upset now. I don’t help in these situations, so after making sure she was ok, I carried on and she did her own thing. I expect she’d go back to the van. I stayed on the tarmac path which follows this lovely stream, and passes this ruins.

There’s plenty of people walking as couples, familys or on there own. At the end there’s another carpark, I go off road to the right here. This is the strange thing, it instantly became countryside, could have been in Derbyshire. Grass meadows, rolling hills and roaming deer. I make my way to a summit with a memorial at the top, it was worth the climb, check the view.

Thats Leister in the background. A nice fast decent, then another climb to some trees. The trail runs through them,then this pops up.

Another quick decent over the meadows. Single track fun everywhere, just make it up as you go. I run around the edge of the hill near the carpark, this track is great fun. I want to keep going but my bowels say otherwise. Also wanted to check on Babs. Got to the van and no Babs, I hung around briefly then decide to go find her. One more time up the hill, maybe the next one too. But on my way up I spot her heading back, she waves, she looks happy. I get to the top and run back down to her. She’d done 3.5 miles, good girl. Total respect to her. I’d only done just over a mile more. I remember about the toilet and rush to it, just in time 😌. We head home.

Grabbed some food from the cooperative on route home for some scoff. The boy was pleased to see us when got home. Chris had kindly been looking after him and the cats for us, top man. We settled after doing some chores, then I realised I wanted to run again. The boy was full of beans and I felt I’d finished my run too short. So we head out the usual route, past the toll house and to the Nene. Along the willows, which are looking sorry for themselves as they’ve had a trim. We follow the river to the Nene parkway, along the trails. To my surprise there not that muddy. There’s a path I’ve been meaning to explore and today was the day. Turn right after passing under Longthorpe parkway. I was stunned, what a great find. The trail goes from path to grass trail, past some ponds and into the back of Thorpe hall. Definitely will be using this more. Back towards town along Thorpe road, we cut through some estates to get back to the Nene. Then home James, via the single-track near the 5 a side courts. Well what can I say. I was loosing motivation last week, then these last 2 days have set the fire burning. Definitely need more hills in my running and to keep exploring. Hope my legs are ok to do my race tomorrow. Got my first road race of the year, on the road bike.

Day 81 done 283 to go.

4.7 miles HR 135.

7.7 miles HR 140.

523 miles total.

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