Day 85 Welland Run

Early start today as needed to be in Boston for 7:30am. Felt too knackered to run at 5:30 this morning. Possibly because of the busy weekend, or maybe it’s because of Tilly the very vocal cat, that runs and hides πŸ‘Š. So I do a nice steady walk around Crowland with JB instead. A cool and fresh peaceful stroll, perfect. After a busy day at work but in the sunshine,so not complaining. I head home. I stop for the loo at Apple green services, near Spalding. Grad a drink and some nuts and sit in the sun with the boy. Called Babs and tell her my plans and she tells me what’s for tea, risotto ummmm. I parked next to the river Welland, just off the deeping road. My plan was to walk him down the river, go home, then do a run from home. After walking about a mile along the bank, I decided it was too nice not to run here.

So I did, I started my watch and nice and steadily started jogging. Jackson was happy running around and bringing the odd stick to me. I was happy as wasn’t looking forward to my run tonight but now, I’m loving it. A little hot, as I’m in full work clothes and the ground is uneven, so my loose old trainers ain’t the best. I decide to keep both my fleece and my thick hoody on. Heat training for summer, plus felt like having a good sweat out. The river is as flat as glass, only rippled by the swans and fowl on it. 3 or 4 Skylarks hoovered around us chirping, for a few minutes. We turn back as theres a couple walking there dog upfront, didn’t want that awkward moment of passing and passing back again. We head up a bridleway down a farm track. Get to near the main road and turn back. In the flow now and started thinking about running barefoot again. Was tempted to take my shoes and socks off once back on the grass, but decided against it. The wise thing to do is to start wearing my barefoot shoes again, I make a mental note of it. Heading back to the van, I have to stop to get this pic.

Note how calm the river is. I passed a bloke walking his chocolate lab, then carried on straight back to the van. Took my soaking t-shirt off and put my damp hoody back on. Called Babs and went home for risotto. 😎

Day 84 done 280 to go.

5 miles.

540.2 miles total.

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