Day 86 How far is Crowland?

Walked the boy around Boston park this morning.

Same run as last night tonight but this time I had my trail shoes with me. Thought I’d aim for a bridge I’d seen from the road and turn back. As I’m running though I wonder how far Crowland would be. The trail is hard going though and think maybe too much for a school night. The more I run the more I can’t stop thinking and once at the bridge.

We go on it, have a think, sod it let’s carry on. Just to the next corner maybe,then the next. I see another bank to my left, I reckon I know how to get to that from Crowland. I can see the Abbey now, so would be rude not too keep going 😎 the answer is only 7 miles. At the main road we turn left and we run alongside the ponds. Turn left at the top and there it is we found it. The path the leads to the bank, I smile to myself, pleased with my find. The trail is a lot better this side too.

But not for long,it soon gets over grown and hard going. After half a mile or so I see a gravel road and take it.

That’s better. Start to get in the flow again but we have to go back on the bank, as we come to a farm. Jackson runs off and rolls in something, he ignores my calls, he’s loving it. I keep calling and eventually he looks up and panic’s,he doesn’t see me. He runs over and oh my god! He stinks bad, proper bad. “What the hell did you roll in?” I shouted! His back had some shinny slimy stuff on it 🤢. We wasn’t near any water it this point, so had to carry on. Man it stank. For about another half a mile, before we get to a clean looking dyke. It spurs off the Welland, so should be ok. Plus there’s a swan in it too. He knows what’s coming, Splash! Took his breath a bit and I feel slightly guilty. Not bad enough not to do it again, after wiping his back clean. So with his new recharged energy levels we had back the van. The wind is blowing the smell of the chicken farm over for the last 2 miles. The run of bad smells.

Day 85 done 281 to go.

13.7 miles.

553.9 miles total.

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