Day 88 Short and sweet

Early start = early finish. Stopped at Spalding services to have a tuna baguette and mocha, while JB enjoyed a sausage roll. Walked him along the Welland, the peaceful walk was ruined by some knob on Motocross. Got home and had a snooze on the sofa. One of my toes on the left foot is extremely sore today. I slap a load of sudocrem on it, then I go to change the tyres on my cx. I’m doing a long training ride on Saturday and decided to do it on my cx bike, it’s a 200k Audax. A self navigation kind of sportive. If that’s not enough we’re riding to the start and back (Huntington from Peterborough) to add more miles 🤔 while I’m in the shed, Babs is getting ready to go out. She’s going out for food with Sarah at the Banyan tree in town. I pick Sarah up and drop em both off,saves them getting too wet. Then I park at the Rowing lake, to do a small run. It’s pissing it down so no one else around, apart from the hardcore nutter rowers, doing there stuff on the lake. But this means freedom for the boy, so I can concentrate on not making my toe worse. Once at the end of the lake we go under the parkway, turn right and under again. We head along the path under Longthorpe parkway and turn right. Follow the trail to the fields behind Thorpe hall, a loop around them on soggy grass and back to the carpark. Jackson found a new toy to carry round and bring home.

Got home and poured some wine, ordered a pizza,had a shower and soaked my feet in hot water and epson salts. Chilled and waited for food.

Day 87 done 267 to go

2.7 miles HR 138.

560.7 miles total.

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