Day 92 Recovery run/paddle.

Bank holiday Monday, it’s usually spent with a hangover. Oh no not me, it’s was spent letting cats in and out, listening to them meowing 👊 Followed by a sleep on the sofa till 9:30, to keep the boy quite. Rock and roll people, rock and roll. After a steady morning cleaning both bikes, in the kitchen. Yes in the kitchen, don’t know how I got away with that. House chores done, we then go for a run. Babs goes one way and me and Jackson go the other. She was aiming for a 7-8 miles and I only wanted a short one today as still feel knackered. I go past the embankment to see how high the Nene was, higher than expected.

There’s a lot of noise coming from the ABAX stadium, Posh must have a big game on. A lot of people heading that way too, as we cross the road to go along river path. To my surprise the path is flooded down here too, time get wet feet.

With my squidgy shoes I got a few looks as I passed people. Was gonna go further but both sides of the Rowing lake was flooded. Probably for the best as need to keep it short. Nice and steady and I kept checking my heart rate to keep it low. Down Thorpe road and through town, which is also busy. Through the cathedral and down Bishop’s road to home.

I’m surprised with my recovery from Saturday.

Firstly how body wise I feel fine, apart from the chilblains on my toes. My muscles are fine and no saddle sore.

Secondly, I can’t believe how fatigued I’ve been, mainly not helped by running. But interesting to see how quickly I recover through this week. I’m 100% listening to my body as it knows best. If I’m hungry I eat, if I’m tired I sleep.

Hope I’m tip top for Saturday, got a recce day 20miler in Snowdonia.

Day 91 done 273 to go.

4.6 miles HR 127.

580.1 miles total.

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