Day 93 Waterworld.

All my local dog walks are mostly flooded. So just street walking for the boy, till after work anyway. He got to go for a paddle and ball fetching session, on the field behind A1 services.

No motivation to run tonight, so decided to run on a full stomach, Ultra training boi.

So I stuffed my face with the Tofu noodles Babs made for me, bloody good too. Then hit the tarmac, for a short steady run. The running track it buzzing with runners, PACTRAC tonight I think. I think about joining in but not this time. I’m over dressed again its mild tonight, mades a nice change. Me and Babs got caught out with the warmer than expected temp yesterday too. So I run the streets tonight, people watching and being nosey. Food stayed down and didn’t repeat on me either, did I just say that? so a good meal to eat and run on 👍Also tried my watch on a lower GPS power mode. I did stop it on 3.5 so not as sharp but time will tell.

Day 92 done 272 to go.

3.4 miles HR 135.

583.5 miles total.

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