Day 98 Haughmond hill

The plan was to get up and head to Pen-y-pass and run Snowdon. But after eating this massive cheese board selection and the gallon of beer I drank, oh and me sore knee, I was a bit slow getting up.

We had some granola and hot drinks, made at the vans then headed our separate ways. Phil planned to walk up from Llanberis and get the train down. I faffed around a bit,to try and get change for the parking and bought a dodgy sandwich in the process (which I slung). By the time I got to the carpark it was full and next one at Nant Peris, I needed to use the bus or taxi. So I choice to leave it and try to find something by chance. The roads and views are stunning, so I just enjoy taking it all in. To the point I’m back in England. I followed signs to Atingham Park, thinking there must be somewhere to run around there. It’s looks promising as I drive up, big meadows with cattle and a massive stately house with gardens. Free parking but £12 to get in, sod that. The lady at the gate though, was spot on and directed me to this place. Haughmond hill, what a find. It’s not massive but big enough to get a few miles in and really enjoy it. Also it’s a hill like the name says, so great views all round. I just follow the blue walking trail to start, it’s spot on, nice and undulating. My knew feels swollen and slightly restricted but no pain, lucky escape I reckob. Came out at this stunning view.

I head on and drop into the cycle route for some single-track action. I get back to the carpark at around 3 miles, so head off again. This time I take the bike trail, a mixture of flowing single-track and a few boggy bits, great fun though.

I nice place to stop at if your passing, I’ll definitely be back and bring Babs and the boy too. There’s toilets and a little cafe on site. Only £1 for 2 hours parking or £2 all day.

Day 97 done 267 to go.

6 miles HR 141.

618 miles total.

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