100 days together.

This is the the first big milestone. 100 days straight running, without a day off and a blog a day too. Thought it’d feel a special day but it doesn’t yet. Apart from it’s my brother’s birthday, so kind of special. Plus he know knows it’s on the 100th Day of the year. I do feel I can do this to the end now though, the days seem to pass quickly. It’s been tough to get out the door some days but I’ve been itching to get my trainers on, on others. The weather has tried to break me and to be fair, I’m getting fed up of wet feet and mud. The weather should start cheering up a bit now though. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some lovely days amongst the bad ones and feel very lucky to be out there enjoying them. This experience so far has taught me alot about myself and my surroundings too. I’ve seen Friends and family I a different light. I’ve seen how quick the weather can change, how it can change our moods and how strong and resilient nature is. I’ve seen other people push and challenge themselves, which it great. Really looking forward to the rest of this year, I wonder how It’ll turn out and how different I’ll be afterwards. Spring is breaking through and starting to warm things up, trust me 😎 it’s here.

First run of the day. Same as normal, up early and out with the boy. Pissing it down but we don’t mind (a free shower) we do the ol faithful. There must be something going on at the Rowing lake. There’s people buzzing around and loads of boats out ready to go. No tummy troubles today, we get home safe and sound.

Run 2. Working in Castor, so took some kit with me to run after work. I decided to run home with the boy, I like a point to point run. We run to the sports ground and across the water logged field, the meadow not sports field. Onto the path along the rail track all the way past ferry meadows to Orton mere. We had a race with a man on a scooter thing and his dog, we won. I was gonna run through the meadows at the back of Thorpe hall but think better of it. We go along the trail above the trees along the Rowing lake instead. I was right still something going on. Looks like a youth training day or something.

They all sound like it’s been a fun day anyway. We follow the Nene then cut past the Lido to head home. Had some Bran flakes with chia seeds and strawberries and an espresso to re fuel. Babs came home and while she cooks tea I plan to head out again to fetch the van. She said she can drop me off when she goes Yoga if I like. “Good idea” I say and start to relax. Then I say “I won’t get my first 3 runs in a day in though”. “True” she says. I think for a minute, or two, then decide. “I’m gonna go” I tell her and say bye, then head off. Instantly i think I’ve made a mistake, as my heals and calves feel sore and tight. I keep going and concentrate on my foot strike. Keeping it as light as possible, I also shorten my stride slightly. Seems to ease it, so I carry on. After a couple of miles I feel fine, so carry on like normal. It’s nice running through town this time of night and it being so light. Rush hour is calming down and the last flow of people heading home. Down Thorpe road and I take the path next to the A47. The Nene is flowing fast and high, at the bridge in ferry meadows.

Up the hill out of the meadows towards Castor, then over and down Loves hill. I look at my watch and think it’ll be nice to do more miles. More than 7 anyway, so decided to make it up with hill repeats. So I bang 5 out.

Andy M has a little chat as he drives passed. Back to the van, dried off and go home for tea. Via Coop to get a bottle of red.

Day 100 done 265 to go.

5.6 miles HR 127.

7 miles HR 133.

8.6 miles HR 148.

21.2 miles for the day, it is a special after all πŸ’ͺ

643.4 total miles.

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