Day 106 Wake up call.

Woke up this morning stiff as a corps. It seems that tiling (work) is harsher on the body than running or biking. Both hamstrings,my right glute and right hip are ridiculously tight. I know a run will ease this but out of weakness (laziness) I choice to have egg in egg cups instead. A nice brisk walk with the boy will help too.

How wrong was I? Felt like an old man all day, this work thing ain’t good for your health. Up and down ladders all day and constantly massaging, just to ease the uncomfort. Suns been out though and all I can think about is our run. I planned to run home again as working in Castor. When the time came, I parked in Alisworth and decide to run in my Vibram 5 fingers. I love wearing these for fine tuning and checking my technique and will help to straighten thing out. There also great for mud (not great grip) and wet, as they dry and drain really quick. Heading in towards ferry meadows, the thought of the route heading home doesn’t excite me. Especially with all the trails this way on, so shoot off down the Nene. Heading towards Altwalton instead. There’s plenty of mud and water still But it is starting to dry up a bit.

Good thing is I don’t pass another person till I get to the watermill, peaceful. We stay off road and turn left down the side of the field. Into the horse field and turn left down to the bridge, bit of a quagmire here.

We carry on and the meadow is very soggy too. JB spots a man with 3 dogs over the way,I didn’t. He was over halfway there before I see him. I whistle and shout him back frantically. Needless to say he kept going totally ignoring me. Can’t blame him, more fun over there. He had a little play and then came back. No harm done and the fella raised his hand as I apologized. I trust Jackson not to be aggressive, he just wants to be everyone’s friend. It’s more the fact if the other dog is aggressive. Nevermind back on the lead now. Wet dog and feet through the kissing gate.

We head back via the Roman field and down the road.

Day 106 done 259 to go.

5.9 miles.

669 miles total.

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