Day 131. Perfect start to the day.

No pics today as my phone was flat. So I’ll try to set a picture in your mind.

The sun is up and the air is fresh. The birds are singing and already hunting for food. The grass seems greener then normal and wet with morning dew. Infact my feet are soaked but I quite like it. The river is still and makes me feel calm with it. The swans are dipping there heads and feeding, theres a small amount of mist over the water. There’s a Cuckoo calling somewhere in the distance, that’s becoming a regular sound now. A Heron flies over and looks prehistoric they do. I hear a Kingfishers call but fail to don’t see it. The trails have hardened now and are slightly overgrown in places, nettles to be dodged. Then that sound comes from behind. Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! That heavy slow sound of them big swan wings frashing through the air, 2 of them give me a nice morning fly by. Wet feet again in the long grass at the far end of the Rowing lake. A few rowers out on the lake and some people walking/running along the path. Not another soul on the grassy fields at the back of Thorpe hall though. Jackson is being very well behaved today and stays close to me, as 3 of the first 4 miles he was off the lead. The rest of the run he was by my heal or slightly in front, on the lead. Great run this morning, enjoyed it.

Day 131 done 234 to go.

6.2 miles HR 139.

804.9 miles total.

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