Day 135. Group run and bike.

Early start this morning as we are doing the club run. 7:20am at reception to sign on. Only me, Babs and two other people turned up. So Josh leads us out and down the hill towards Paleros. A nice steady pace, we stick together. Then we head through town and up some steep hills. It’s nice and cool but tough going, Babs finds it hard but digs deep and does amazing. Only a 2 mile loop, so I go again at my own pace. Went slightly wrong but all good. Then ran down the off road trail, we did on the bike yesterday. Got back and met Babs for breakfast.

Had my second windsurfing lesson while she did yoga. Got really cold again, but got on well. Broke my watch though 😡. Bit of dinner then an snooze. 3pm out on the MTB for a group ride. It took longer than planned and ended back at the bar. Had a couple of beers with Harry,Tony and Julie in this really nice bar.

Then home to see Babs for a catch up of the day.

Day 135 done 230 to go.

4 miles.

824.7 miles total.

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