Day 136. Run in the sun.

A slow start this morning, we both needed a lay in. Then after breakfast I gave Babs a stand up paddleboard lesson. After nearly drowning her, she got on really well. Then I went for a thrash around the bay, to get that core pumping.

On the way back to the room, the water aerobics was about to start. So Babs joined in and I went and got my running kit on. Just after 12am, in the heat of the day might not be the best idea but sod it. Just thought a nice out and back to Pogonia would do the job. I was sweating a good un before I even got through Paleros, felt good though so keep going. I can’t stop thinking about the road I’ve seen in the distance, it winds up the mountain. I was looking at it from bar we keep stopping at, on our rides. Maybe I’ll run through Pogonia and see what the road looks like. Yeah good idea, then maybe bike it another day. Pogonia is a bit of climb anyway and I’m loving the gradient. Gutted I forgot to bring my running belt, as some lovely views and it’s a beautiful Greek village to get some nice pics. Proper old style and un ruined. This is an awesome climb on the road through it too. Loads of different smells from fruit trees. I pass a church on the otherside, still going up. I actually find a gravel track heading up, this must be it. Maybe I should head back as it is hot, I’ve got nothing with me either. No phone, no food,no money and no water. So wisely I go up, curiosity and all that. Perfect gradient all the way up. Not too sleep but steep enough. The view from the top and looking back over the bay was stunning. I didn’t realise how big the mountain range is behind our resort either. I hear a dog somewhere in the wild warning me off. Couldn’t see it but I didn’t sound friendly. I have a slight reality check at this point. I’m alone with no phone, no-one knows where I am. Totally isolated at this point too and a wild dog wasn’t happy. I casually go a little further then turn and start to head back down. It was still barking but didn’t sound like it was moving. I soon got into the run and forget about the dog. This is a great run, even though I was getting thirsty now. Back through Pogonia and to the water’s edge. Following the path back to the Hotel. Just in time for the last bits of dinner.

Also did a group ride on the road, which was steady but fun.

Back for food, then chill before heading out for tea with the guys.

Day 136 done 229 to go.

9.8 miles.

830.5 miles total.

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