Day 137. Bike run bike.

So after Harry and Tony told me how good the Monestory route was, I had to give it a go. I see Mike (bike man) to get my bike and route plan. This is where he tells me about the spiders, that’s right spiders! They web across the bushes and they bounce off you. I hate spiders. Anyway I also told Mike I was gonna check another bit out that they hadn’t done. Looked like a good little climb, he said if I could link it back I could name it. “Chase the Beagle” would of been the name. Anyway, a nice bit of road to start, then up the twisting road to the Monestory. Lovely climb and a good challenge. Got the obligatory pic of the cross.

No spiders yet but know there coming, maybe it’s just a wind up, as Harry and Tony never mentioned them. So head down and pick up the trail. Its not long before the trail forks and I head up the unknown bit. It’s quite a technical and a good challenging climb. There’s an old church standing alone.

I see the spiders now, like big garden spiders. I feel like Indiana Jones dodging the spiders and webs. I nearly turn back, as there’s a bunch of them. I’m not a fan and if I’m honest a bit freaked out. I ponder for a while and then man up a do it. After a while I get to the top, a great view but no obvious way down, apart from the way I came.

I head back down and through the spiders, 😯. Then back on the trail to follow the route. Plenty more spiders here and some fairly technical descent in places. I even had to push my bike over one bit. Great run though and a fast descent down the road into town.

Got back and Babs had just finished her run and was heading to an Aqua class. So I head for my run. Up the road then down the trail to the pub. I do hill repeats for 5 or 6 times, having a bit of banter with the bar owner everytime I get to the bottom. I pass an oldesh couple walking up and catch the bloke pissing, ha ha. Told him to carry on, “when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go”. At the top I turn left and do a loop through town, then back for a shower. Then for dinner, we’re both knackered and starving.

I make a last minute decision to do the 3pm MTB ride, the goat trail. The usual suspects are there and off we go. We have a dog called Max follow us for most of it. I want to take him home with me, a play mate for JB what a lovely dog.

Just happy running alongside and stayed with me for bit, made my ride that did. Me and Tony shoot off on the down hill and flowing stuff and wait for the rest at the bottom.

Then through town and back to the pub for beer 🍺.

Day 137 done 228 to go.

3.6 miles.

834.1 miles total.

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