Day 142. Cruising with the boy.

As I sit eating my breakfast and writing this in the garden. There’s about 5 Magpie’s harsh chattering to eachother, very noisey but quite nice too.

Up at 5:50am after a rubbish nights sleep. Got my kit on and went downstairs, JB was waiting and looked like an exited child on Xmas morning. He can’t wait to get going. Unfortunately I decided to bodge my watch strap this morning. So made him wait a bit longer. Yes I know a stupid time to do it, I took a part from an old watch. After what felt like half hour (probably only 5mins). I sorted it and off we go. He’s on it this morning, pulling like a nutter. Once off the lead he was chasing every bird and rabbit in site. He’s a funny boy. I did have to shout him back and lead him again on the embankment, he’d ran off a bit too far and ignored me. Once we get on the trail along the Nene I let him off again. Loads of swans out as always but no flies yet, which is good. It’s fairly windy too and a nice chill in the air, perfect running weather. We stop and watch this Heron float in to land.

Staying on the trails till the Boathouse, then cutting through the estates and back to the river. Through the underpass, past the Lido and taking in the trail through the trees. The boy is ready for a drink when we get home, it’s been over a week since he’s run after all. So fed him then I got showered, got ready for work and made breakfast. Egg and soldiers ummmm, made Babs some too. She has another day off. So I leave JB with her and back to the grindstone 👎.

Day 142 done 223 to go.

5 miles HR 130.

861.6 miles total.

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