Day 143. Cold start.

Walked the boy this morning, didn’t fancy a run as felt a bit knackered still. Hopefully be a bit warmer tonight too. Not gonna make pub ride ever, as got too much to do. So a run with the boy will be what the doctor ordered.

Shorts was not the best choice of clothing today at work, bloody northerly wind was cold. The sun did come out about 1pm though, instantly warming things up a bit. Went to pick my bike up after work and I can definitely say I’m happy, so far. I’ve only took it around the block but she runs smoothly and everything seems spot on.

So didn’t get out on my run till about quarter to seven. Couldn’t decide where to go, my head is still in Greece. So we just go and see what happens. The usual start down Bishop’s road to the Toll house and down Potters way. A couple of other joggers out, I feel good but not in the mood. So with the boy off his lead we go down the Willows to the builders field. As we head down the middle, I realise we have the field to ourselves. I can’t remember doing sprints for ages. So that’s what we do, sprints. Straight down the middle track. Sprint the length then recover a length. Jackson was loving it, racing me. Then looking at me concerningly as I try to recover. Legend!

I only managed 8 sets though, was aiming for 10 but felt a tightness in my right calf. Not wanting to risk injury so I just carry on running around the trails (made by the kids on Motocross bikes) Nice and steady, at 4 miles we head home. After a shower and having tea (made by the lovely Babs), I realise my hip feels tight. Need to keep an eye on that. Also I think I’ve worn JB out ha ha.

Babs cousin Karen is married to a top bloke called David. He blogs and his latest blog has motivated me even more. This is one of my main reasons to keep blogging. Have a read and Share the love.

Day 143 done 222 to go.

5.2 miles HR 142.

866.8 miles total.

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